【Skill 2】Learn expressions such as 上司からの支援 (support from superiors) and 人間関係への期待 (expectations for human relations)

Learn the following expressions for that which has an impact and that which is impacted, in order to understand whether the significant impact of A on B was clarified.

■ 上司からの支援 (support from superiors)
■ 人間関係への期待 (expectations for human relations)
■ 組織目標の明確風土 (distinct culture of organizational goals)
■ コンフリクトへの対応 (response to conflict)

■ 採用広報施策の利用種類数 (type and number of recruitment advertising measures used)
■ 企業の女性割合 (proportion of women in a company)
■ 性別役割意識変数 (gender role attitude variables)

■ 制度の導入理由 (reason for introduction of a system)
■ 積極的評価 (positive evaluation)
■ 否定的評価 (negative evaluation)
■ 高業績HRMシステム (high-performance HRM system)

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