【Skill 6】Understand the results of research

Putting the following 5 skills together, understand the results of research.

[Skill 1] Understand whether or not the results were significant from expressions such as 有意 (significant) and 正 (positive).
[Skill 2] Learn expressions such as 上司からの支援 (support from superiors) and 人間関係への期待 (expectations for human relations)
[Skill 3] Understand whether what has an impact and what is impacted became clear from particles such as は and に preceding 影響 (impact).
[Skill 4] Learn expressions such as 職務態度 (job attitude) and 変革型リーダーシップ (transformational leadership).
[Skill 5] Understand whether there was a relationship between one thing and another from は and と appearing before 関係 (relationship)

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