【Skill 4】Learn expressions such as 職務態度 (job attitude) and 変革型リーダーシップ (transformational leadership)

Learn the following expressions in order to understand whether there was a relationship between A and B.

■ 職務態度 (job attitude)
■ LMX (leader–member exchange)
■ 変革型リーダーシップ (transformational leadership).

■ 人的資源管理の諸施策 (human resources management policies and measures)
■ 問題解決型コーピング (problem-solving type coping)
■ チーム効力感およびコンセンサス維持規範 (feeling of team efficacy and consensus preservation norms)

■ 業務上生じていた問題の解決度 (resolution level of job-related problems)
■ 個人生活の充実に対する寛容度 (tolerance of a full personal life)
■ 担当職務の自由度 (degree of freedom in the duties for which one is responsible)

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