【Skill 1】Understand how much the special offer is worth from the expressions 円 (yen) and 券 (voucher)

To understand the value of the special offer you can receive, find the following expressions.

■ 500のお買物 (500 yen shopping voucher)
■ 500分の商品 (500 yen gift voucher)
■ 500円券 (500 yen voucher)

The number written before 円 (yen) is the value of the special offer. When 券 (voucher) appears after 円 (yen), it means that there is a cash voucher. After filling all the spaces on the stamp card, you will be able to use the card as a cash voucher for that amount.

On the stamp card below, お買物券 (shopping voucher) is written after 500円 (500 yen). The special offer on this card is worth 500 yen.

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