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● Writing practice materials for Japanese Learners "Wanna write Japanese!" members for material creation.

《Chief producer》
 Mina Kobayashi (April, 2006 - now)

 Eriko Soeda (August, 2005 - now)
 Mizuki Funahashi (August, 2005 - now)
 Eriko Yamato (September, 2007 - now)

 Yuuki Mukai (May, 2010 - now)
 Miyou Takatsuki (May, 2018 - now)

 Yoshio Nakai (May, 2010 - now)
 Momoko Fujita (September, 2012 - now)
 Makiko Matsuda (September, 2012 - now)
 Yoshiko Matsuda (July, 2013 - now)
 Junko Hino (May, 2015 - now)
 Daikei Jo (May, 2017 - now)
 Kou Sengoku (May, 2018 - now)
 Yuuko Tominaga (May, 2018 - now)

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"Wanna write Japanese" is supported by the following Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research project:
 JSPS KAKENHI Grant Numbers JP17320075, JP21242012, JP15K12899, JP15K02646, JP20H01276
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics Institute-based Project "Learning in Context: Developing Situation-Based Writing Materials"(2016-2019)